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96 Tears222001
A Chill In The Night Air11
A Hard Time Saying Goodbye220001
A Higher Power
Una Fuerza Alla
A Mistake Today For Me551105
'a Nnammurata Mia110001
A Penchant For The Stagnant
Penchant For The Stagnant
A Plea For Tenderness950104
¿A Que Venimos Sino A Caer?*4400011
Here We Are In Ancient Egypt Now
Abdul and Cleopatra2618560141
Abominable Snowman In The Market1713220121
Abu Jamal221102
Action Packed1182207
Adios to My Desert Love11
African Lady332001
¡Alegre Soy!11
Am I Ready To Say Goodbye And Not Look Back?110001
Amazing Grace332201
Amorcito Corazon231102
Ancient Long Ago552204
And Do No Other Thing110001
And That Is Rock n Roll3300031
Angels Poem110001
Angels Watching Over Me521101
Around And Around121002
Arrividerci Roma350002
As My Mother Lay Lying2210021
As We Walk To Fenway Park In Boston Town2210021
Astral Plane20122009
At Night331103
Atlantique (Impromptu)11
Awkward Love110001
Baby We Can't Go Wrong992207
Back in the usa181501114
Back In Your Life302522021
Bajo La Tierra En El Subsuelo11
Ballad of Stink11
Ballad Of YoYos110001
Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild111010086
Beef Burger Ad11
Behold The Lilies Of The Field331103
Are you Feeling Good?
I'm Feeling Much Better
Blowing In The Wind121002
Blue Moon16171001
Boogie Woogie Country Girl11
Born To Be Wild231002
Bring Back Springtime To The World Of Nature330001
Broken Promises21
Bundle of Joy340001
But Then Ego Went Away110001
Buzz Buzz Buzz13721051
C'etait Toujours Toi11
California Desert Party972207
Cambridge Clown110001
Cappuccino Bar542203
Celebrare, Adorare, Divinare! 11
Chapel Of Love322101
Chewing Gum Wrapper
Papel De Chicle
Circle I111033010
City Vs Country211101
Coin De Rue231002
Cold Pizza110001
Como Nino Distraido11
Compardrito Corazon111101
Con El Merengue431102
Corner Store1210330101
Cosi Veloce6501032
Couples Must Fight8822081
Cozy With A K111001
Crazy Eddie542204
Crazy Little Mama451003
Dance With Me521102
Dancin' Late At Night762205
Dancing In the Moonlight220002
Danse Caribe121001
Dick Gregory651103
Dignified And Old1172005
Do You Believe In Magic121002
Dodge Veg-O-Matic1591207
Doing it to Death120002
Don't Change For Me
Baby Baby Boss Me Around
Don't Fight The Feeling671106
Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste422102
Don't You Just Know It781007
Double Chocolate Malted101010010
Down In Bermuda331103
Down In Cuba110001
Egyptian Reggae777210237
El Joven Se Estremece121122062
Es Como El Pan5410014
Even Though I Know I Am The Wind And The Sun, I111001
Everyday Clothes1514330121
Everything's Gotta Be Right331103
Falling In Love Must Be Two Way110001
Fender Stratocaster191711015
First Time I Saw You110001
Five Year Old Feeling330003
Fly Into The Mystery1381106
Flying Saucers, Rock and Roll111101
Foggy Notion630013
Foolin' Around111101
For Drama We Have the Seasons110001
Francine's Theme12
French Style431102
Gail Loves Me991108
Get In The Groove331102
Give Paris One More Chance4546320411
Going Home110001
Government Centre1691109
Grunion Run11
Ha Muerto La Rosa330001
Halfway No More33
Hang On Sloopy561004
Happy Birthday11
Harbour Lights110001
Haseemla Classica330001
Have You Got Something You Love321002
He Gave Us The Wine To Taste9911083
Hello From Cupid321101
Hello Josephine342103
Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow1413210122
Her Way Moves Me330001
Here Come The Martian Martians423411030
Here It Is6610051
Hey There Little Insect191311012
Hey Tommy! Whatchu Feel Like Tonight?11
Hi Dear14112009
Hi Fred111101
Hipster Cafe11
Hope's Theme12
I Am the Sky Mother110001
I Can Hear Her Fighting With Herself211101
I Can't Find My Best Friend332002
I Can't Sleep Now211101
I Can't Stay Mad At You120001
I Don't Want No Nuclear Power Plants in My Life220002
I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet320002
I Feel Alright122002
I found A New Love That Opens This Door For Me 220002
I Grew Up in The Suburbs110001
I Had to See the Harm I'd Done110001
I Have Come Out To Play661106
I Hear You Calling Me322102
I Know I Turn Her On110001
I Like Gumby111101
I Like It Like That110001
I Lost My Favourite Flower11
I Love Her Little Body981106
I Love Hot Nights661104
I Love Life So110001
I Love The World110001
I Moved Away11
I Must Be King532203
I Took A Chance On Her211101
I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms331003
I Want To Love Him So Bad121002
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar36353203243
I Was The One She Came For6610041
I'm A Jerk340022
I'm A Little Airplane1613110112
I'm A Little Dinosaur3331110271
I'm Cryin121002
I'm Dropping My Friends (One By One)220102
I'm Just Beginning To Live981108
I'm Nature's Mosquito1061105
I'm Not Afraid to Make Mistakes110001
I'm Not Alone111101
I'm Not Obsessed With Her220002
I'm So Confused9811071
I'm Sticking With You1210021
I'm Straight961006
I'm Young110001
I'm Your God Pan11
Ice Cold NuGrape221102
Ice Cream Man5851330461
If She Don't Love Me221201
If You Want To Leave Our Party Just Go2210022
Important In Your Life221711016
In Che Mondo Viviamo111010042
In The Checkout Line341101
Instrumental (1976-1982)11
Instrumental (Apeldoorn)110001
Instrumental (Bottom Line)11
Instrumental (Early Demos 1973)11
Instrumental (international house)11
Instrumental (Kyoto)11
Instrumental (Paley Sessions)11
Instrumental (The Other End)11
Instrumental 2 (Apeldoorn)11
Instrumental Doodle11
Interview Pt 1110001
Interview Pt 2110001
Interview Pt 3110001
Interview Pt 4110001
Interview Pt 5110001
Ishkode! Ishkode!110001
It Was Time For Me To Be With Her2210021
It Will Stand1381107
It's Afternoon and the Range Is Calling220002
It's Fall Time110001
It's You121210011
J'Aime Paris Au Mois De Mai342103
Jab Haretha Ni Nahin11
Jonathan I Feel So Bad11
Jonathan Interviews Andy Paley11
Jose Bove11
Just A Spark, On Journey From The Dark1050005
Just About Seventeen551105
Just Because I'm Irish2211021
Just For Fun
No Mas Por Fun
Just Look At Me221102
La Bamba561004
La Festa E Galactica11
La Festa Qua22
La fiesta es para todos32
La guitarra flamenca negra21
La pelle nuova11
Land of 1000 Dances11
Le Freak120001
Le Printemps Des Amoreux Est Venu5410026
Leaves On The Sidewalk After The Rain22
Les Etoiles9911031
Let Her Go Into The Darkness33351102912
Let Me Do This Right!110001
Let The Four Winds Blow11
Let's Rock And Roll211101
Let's Say We Just Met451103
Let's Take A Trip661005
Let's Take The Long Way Home341004
Let's Twist Again121002
Little Boy In My Heart220001
Little Latin Lupe Lu231002
Lonely Financial Zone821102
Lonely Without Her110001
Louie Louie12182025
Love Me Like I Love541104
Lover Please16141001
Malaguena de JoJo77
Man Walks Among Us122102
Maybe A Walk Home From Natick High School54
Me and Her and the Beach110001
Me And Her Got A Good Thing Going Baby111101
Michael Row the Boat Ashore11
Miracles Will Start To Happen771105
Modern World961105
Monologue About Bermuda551105
Mood Lighting for Dreaming440001
Moron Creek11
Mother I Give You My Soul Call110001
Mother, I Hear Your Voice In the Wind110001
Mr. Sorrow440003
Music For Next Year's Jukebox11
My Affected Accent5510043
My Baby Love Love Loves Me16141001210
My Boogie Woogie Country Girl120002
My Career As A Homewrecker111101
My Guy231002
My Heart Needs Repair110001
My Heart Was Won By A Girl541102
My Jeans8811081
My Little Girl's Got A Full Time Daddy Now551104
My Little Kookenhaken1061106
My Love For Her Ain't Sad651105
My Love Is A Flower Just Beginning To Bloom292211018
My Love She Is From Somewhere Else330002
My Name Is Jonathan
People With Their Feelings Hurt
I Can't Stand Seeing People Feel Hurt
My Partner In Crime110001
My Runabout Girl440004
Mystery of the Summer Night220002
Neon Sign441104
New England3223110201
New England Summer Song11
New Kind Of Neighborhood540004
New Teller221711016
New York at 4am is More My Style110001
New York Poem110001
Nineteen In Naples151411013
No Habla Mis Palabras De Amor22
No One On This Earth Gets Me Like She Does110001
No One Was Like Vermeer121110086
Not In My Name220002
Not Just A "Plus One" On The Guest List Anymore331103
Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love1414110124
Not Yet Three191911015
Nothing Can Change This Love122102
Now Is Better Than Before
Ahora Es Mejor
Now What?11
Nuclear Nightmare110001
Nuestro Que Macar11
Nuestro Tema120001
O Mind! Just Dance!110001
O Mind! Let Us Go Home!110001
O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth6610051
O Sun!430002
Oh Boy121002
Oh Bus Driver11
Oh Carol432103
Old World10710053
Older Girl330003
On A Du Soliel221101
one More Rhythm From Tommy! 11
Our Dog Is Getting Older Now111001
Our Drab Ways
you are the light of the world
Our Party Will Be On The Beach Tonight110001
Our Swingin' Pad111101
Outside O'duffy's220001
Pablo Picasso36251002318
Pantomima De "El Amor Brujo"11
Paris Je T'Aime340003
Parties In The usa851005
Party In The Woods Tonight1381107
People Are Disgusting111001
People Are Shameless!110001
Peppermint Twist341004
Piano e forte e' Notte220001
Place Pigalle11
Plaza Interview 111
Plaza Interview 211
Pretty Little Girl431003
Que C'est Triste Venise121001
Que Reste-T-ll De Nos Amours?242203
Quiltadge Goes To Market110001
Rama Lama Ding Dong121002
Reddy Teddy131003
Respect For You111101
Revolution Summer Theme11
Ride On Down The Highway641003
Roberto the Trainer110001
Rock 'n' Roll Drummer441104
Rock and Roll Music121002
Rock and Roll Number 911
Rockin' Robin120102
Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns312711025
Rockin' Shopping Center1271107
Rodeo Wind331103
Roll Over Beethoven341004
Roller Coaster By The Sea1571106
Rooming House On Venice Beach881107
Route 66482108
Ruby Ruby452102
Sa Voix M'Atisse6710021
Sabor A Mi341102
Sad Trumpets of Afternoon110001
Salvador Dali221102
Satisfied Mind432003
Scat Melody11
Seven Minutes of Dreaming110001
Sex Machine670006
She Brings Out the Best in Me11
She Cracked15101009
She Doesn't Laugh At My Jokes541104
She Likes Cold110001
She Lives in a Rock and Roll House220002
She's a Once in a Lifetime Girl110001
(She's Gonna) Respect Me641104
She's Running Away541103
She's So From Somewhere Else11
Shirin and Fahrad
Shirin Y Fahrad
Shopper's World11
Silence Alors, Silence110001
Since She Started To Ride10811082
Singing In The Rain122102
So Honest110001
So You Made a Mistake11
Somebody To Hold Me121101010
Someone I Care About1361005
Songs Of Remembrance For Old Girlfriends450005
South American Folk Song
Melodia Tradicional Ecuadoriana
Springtime In New York1514110137
Start All Over Again220001
Stop This Car212311020
Stop Your Sobbing122002
Stupenda e Misera Citta22
Such Loneliness331002
Such Love111001
Sugar and Spice12
Summer Morning1071107
Sunday Afternoon11
Take Me Off The Shelf321101
Take Me To The Plaza661005
Tallahassee Lassie451003
Tandem Jump330103
Tell How You Feel551004
That Little Sleeper Car331103
That Summer Feeling4040320334
That's All We Need At Our Party110001
That's How I Feel5510001
The Baltimores221102
The Beach232310020
The Best That I Have Got110001
The Bitter Herb111001
The Crush110001
The Dark Cryptlike Arcade110001
The Desert111101
The Fading Of An Old World440004
The Fenway131311012
The Girl Stands Up To Me Now171411013
The Heart Of Saturday Night332103
The Lonely Little Thrift Store761106
The Lovers Are Here And They're Full Of Sweat111001
The Mixer
Men and Women Together
The Morning Of Our Lives241611013
The Neighbors
Los Vecinos
The Night Is Still Young761106
The Old Snack Bar110001
The Origin of Love (Reprise)1100011
The Rose121201
The Sad Trumpets Of Afternoon110001
The Sea Was Calling Me Home342104
The Silent Treatment220002
The Sweeping Wind950010
The Tag Game441103
The Tahitian Hop2200011
The Theme From Mouline Rouge572001
The Twist341003
The UFO Man
El UFO Man
The Wallflower
Roll With Me Henry
Dance With Me Henry
The Wheels On The Bus411101
The World Is Showing Me It's Hand8810081
Them City Lights110001
Theme From A Summer Place110001
There's Something About Mary61320085
These Bodies That Came To Cavort5510041
They Showed Me the Door to Bohemia6610054
They're Not Trying On The Dance Floor661105
This Kind Of Music292811025
This Little Light of Mine220001
This Love Of Mine661006
This Lover' Lane is Very Narrow110001
This Romance Will Be Different For Me5510031
This World Is One Sad World
This Is One Sad World
Those Conga Drums991108
Time For Fooling Around330003
Time Has Been Going By So Fast2210021
Time Stopped When We Held Hands330002
To Hide A Little Thought672106
Tommy Goes Home110001
Too Fat110001
Too Hip211001
Too Many Fish In the Sea110001
Touch Me If You Want To110001
Tout ce que je cherchais etait toujours toi11
Trip To The Sea110001
Trombone Instrumental221000
True Love is Not Nice1091109
Try This Brand New Dance321101
Twilight In Boston321002
Twist and Shout561005
Under The Stars221102
Unknown (Italian)11
Up A Tree With Jonathan Richman And Tommy Larkin11
Up In The Sky Sometime10101108
Vacant Lot11
Vampire Girl
Vampiresa Mujer
Veil Of Cold110001
Velvet Underground652105
Vincent Van Gogh2828110274
Wait! Wait!210001
Waiting For The Man231002
Wake Up Sleepyheads211001
Walk Up The Street532003
Walter Johnson131322013
Want To Visit My Inner House?110001
We Held Hands
Wonderful Girl
We'll Be The Noise, We'll Be The Scandal3300021
Wedding Bells11
Weeds Breaking Through The Concrete12
When Harpo Played His Harp
Harpo En Su Harpa
When I Dance1919110171
When I Say I Love You110001
When I Say Wife321102
When I'm Walking10101109
When She Kisses Me661106
When We Refuse To Suffer1111200109
Where Did The Fear Come From?11
Who Can Say When a Wall Is Ready to Come Down110001
Whoa! How Different We All Are!330002
Wild Thing11
Wild Weekend120010
Willie And The Hand Jive122001
Winter Afternoon By BU In Boston221001
Winters Get Hard In New England110001
Wipe Out560011
Without The Heart For Chaperone110001
Ya Ya341003
Yes, Take Me Home110001
Yo Jo Jo1919
Yo Tengo Una Novia8711041
You Are671006
You Can Have A Cell Phone That's Ok But Not Me540003
You Can't Talk To The Dude
No Te Oye
You Must Ask The Heart3211023
You're Crazy For Taking The Bus8601061
You're The One For Me131101011
You've Got To Cry110001
Young And In Love110001
Young at Heart13
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad120101
Your Mind110001