Twilight In Boston

Studio CD: I, Jonathan
Compilation: Vampire Girl
Live Bootleg: HMV Boston
I, Jonathan


When it's twilight in Boston
That's something I know about
Because I've spent many walks
Lonely walks in the twilight
All through Boston and those Suburbs
Right now I'm imagining the Public Garden
The Public Garden is by where the swan boats are
By the entrance that goes up to Beacon Street

Now we're walking up Beacon Street
Through the Back Bay there
Few clouds, heading for Kenmore Square
When it's twilight in Boston

Taking a left
Going by the Fenway
By the Marshland Park
The little memorial
By the victory gardens
One of my favorite parts of town
Those little plots of land
And it's getting darker
Mosquitos are coming out now

When it's twilight in Boston
Headed for the riverway
Headed for the Jamaica way now

Yeah, time for adventure now
When it's twilight in Boston
When it's twilight in Boston
Time for adventure

HMV Boston


[I want to thank you all for coming because this is fun I've done in the store record things before but this is one of the biggest ones yet It's nice of you to show up here
So don't be shy because I,
They said that there would be an autograph table you know and that's terrifying to some
But this is not, you know what may be the case
Don't be shy I autograph stuff I don't collect them myself, but if you like them I don't quite understand it yet, but I've heard rumours about it
So there is no need to be shy
And also I can be talkative on occasion
And I only bite using the rear molars and they're not my sharpest teeth
So I'll sing another couple of songs
And I'll hang around a while and socialize I know]

Now when it is twilight in Boston
We're talking about something I know about
Because I spent the required amount of time being sad over girls in Boston's twilight
Up there by ??? street on the way to Kenmore Square
I've spent the required time hurting
Just feeling like things couldn't work out
So I can sing about It

Twilight in Boston

Here we are in the public garden by the beacon Street sign
Swan boats, well families that, Sunday afternoon, families they have all gone home though It's 5 o'clock
They took the cab, Swan boat around 2 PM They've gone home now
Giving me a chance to be sad and miserable all alone without their destructive familial influence

When it's twilight in Boston

Headed up to Kenmore Square now Past, past what used to be, do they still have the Citgo sign there? there used to be a city service sign a long time ago, big cloverleaf kind of big green shamrock sign a long time ago what?
Headed for the marshland parts of the Fenway One of my favourite parts of town One of the strongest smelling parts of town All those rotten reeds and rushes and stuff like that

When it's twilight in Boston

On paths on the way to the Riverway up by the old Sears building
And it's twilight in Boston
Out by the route 9, where the route nine starts and Huntington Avenue stops That bridge, it sort of separates the two Where Huntington Avenue makes that bend going down the Jamaica Plain
I walked around there too when I was sad

When it's twilight in Boston

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