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Regular Commercial Releases

Non-Commerical Recordings

Regular Commercial Releases

Studio CDs and Records

The Modern Lovers1976
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers1976
Rock 'n' Roll With The Modern Lovers1977
Back In Your Life1979
The Original Modern Lovers1981
Jonathan Sings1983
Rockin' and Romance1985
It's Time For Jonathan Richman1986
Modern Lovers 881988
Jonathan Richman1989
Jonathan Goes Country1990
Having A Party With Jonathan Richman1991
I, Jonathan1992
¡Jonathan, te vas a emocionar!1994
You Must Ask The Heart1995
Surrender To Jonathan1996
I'm So Confused1998
Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eyeshadow2001
The Modern Lovers (castle)2004
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers +42004
Rock 'n' Roll With The Modern Lovers +12004
Back In Your Life +42004
Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love2004
Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild2008
¿A Que Venimos Sino A Caer?2008
O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth2010
Ishkode! Ishkode!2016


Roadrunner/It Will Stand1975
New England/Here Come The Martian Martians1976
Roadrunner (B4701)1976
Roadrunner (Once)/Roadrunner (Twice)1977
Egyptian Reggae/Roller Coaster By The Sea1977
Egyptian Reggae/Ice Cream Man1977
Abdul and Cleopatra/Oh Carol1978
New England/Astral Plane1978
Buzz Buzz Buzz/Hospital (live)1978
The Morning Of Our Lives/Roadrunner (Thrice)1978
Abdul and Cleopatra/Astral Plane (live)1978
Buzz Buzz Buzz/Abdul and Cleopatra1978
My Little Kookenhaken/Roadrunner (Thrice)1978
South American Folk Song/Ice Cream Man1978
Lydia/Important In Your Life1979
Ice Cream Man/Ice Cream Man (live)1979
Egyptian Reggae Exclusive Remix1982
That Summer Feeling1984
I'm Just Beginning To Live1985
Egyptian Reggae/Roadrunner1989
You Can Have A Cell Phone That's Ok But Not Me2008
La fiesta es para todos/La guitarra flamenca negra2012
O Sun/Wait Wait2015
Keith/They Showed Me the Door To Bohemia2015
People Are Disgusting2016
That's All We Need At Our Party2016

Live CDs and Records

Modern Lovers Live1977
Live At The Long Branch Saloon1992
Precise Modern Lovers Order1994
Live At The Long Branch And More1998


Mega 20 Track Album1980
The Beserkely Years1987
23 Great Recordings1990
A Plea For Tenderness1995
Radio On1997
Buzz Buzz Buzz2000
Action Packed2002
I Must Be King2004
Roadrunner Roadrunner2004
Vampire Girl2009
No Me Quejo De Mi Estrella2014


There's Something About Mary1999
A Sign From God2002
Take Me To The Plaza2003
Revolution Summer2008


Revolution Summer Soundtrack2007


I'm Sticking With You1980
Gumby The Green Album1989
No Alternative1993
Think About Mustapha1994
The Inner Flame1997
The Unreleaseable Tapes1997
Acoustic Cafe Show 1181997
Live From 6A1997
There's Something About Mary (Original Soundtrack)1998
Home of the Hits2000
This is Where I Belong2002
Wig In A Box2003
Fever Pitch2005
Colours Are Brighter2006

Non-Commercial Recordings

Promos and Demos

The Jonathan Sings Sessions1980
Jonathan Goes Funky1980
Jonathan Sings (unreleased demo version)1981
I'm So Confused (with bonus tracks)1998
Springtime In New York (promo single)2001

Informal Bootlegs

Early Demos 19731973
Laura Palmer1974
The Lost LP1979

Compilation Bootlegs

The Lost Tapes - Vol 1
For All The Modern Lovers1982
Songs Of Rememberance1998

Radio Bootlegs

Paradiso 19771977
Live In Sweden 19781978
The College Rock Hour1983
Turin (partial)1986

Live Bootlegs

1971 Stonehenge Ipswich1971
Town Hall 19761976
The Cellar Door1977
The Boarding House1977
New York University1977
Live In Bristol 19781978
The Quiet Knight Club 19781978
3 Soundboard Shows 1978-19791979
The International House1980
The Catalyst1980
Live In New York 19801980
Left Bank 19811981
Bradford Ballroom (set 2)1981
The Other End1982
The Rex Club1982
Live At McCabe's1983
Reed College1983
Torino 19851985
Live In Germany 19851985
Heartbreak Club 19851985
San Giuliano Milanese1986
Barcelona 19861986
Live At Davis1987
Sesto Calende 19911991
Live In Tampa Bay 19921992
HMV Boston1992
Cicero's St. Louis (partial)1995
Irving Plaza1998
Bowery Ballroom 20002000
Central Park Summerstage 20002000
Cafe de la Danse 20032003
Echo Lounge2004
Flying Monkey Arts2004
Asheville 2011 (partial)2011
Chapel Hill 2011 (partial)2011
Bush Hall 2012 (partial)2012