The Crush

Live Bootleg: The Knitting Factory 1999
The Knitting Factory 1999


[Jonathan, you've got a crush?
A little]

I have a crush on those women
But I never got to know them
When I'd have a crush on those women

Well ???
Saw them apart
Saw them trying, going out with another guy
That's when I was twenty one or two
And I'm already jealous
Like a little ???

[I don't even know their name
Haven't even met them really
Just seen them over a ??? silhouette
They're talking to someone else
Jealous already]

Jealous and upset
Barely not even met them yet
Jealous and upset
Don't even know them yet
But it even happened

Jealous and upset
Didn't even know them yet
When I was having a crush on them

I'm from Boston
It started happening there
Boston Friday night
When the bar ??? turn on their light
When I would have a crush downtown
I'd smell flowers all around

Out in the springtime
I smelled the ???
Like that
When it was a beautiful feeling
My heart was pounding
But I never got to know them
When I was

Here's what I think

Maybe the crush got in my way ???
Cause I never got to know them
It's like a was in a daze

When I had a crush on girls ???
I'd see them through a fog
This glow surrounding them

How could I have this crush
And not know anything about them afterward
I can't tell you nothing now
Not a thing
But I had this crush on girls

Love and a crush
They aren't the same things
Right? right?
Anybody know what I mean?

I still can't see straight