Here you will find various lists I have made of his songs. This is an index of sorts, I suppose. Like all indices it is subjective. There would be many ways to construct such lists and I don't claim to have done it perfectly, but it did make sense to me. If you have suggestions for a list or if I've missed something (like a song about Boston that isn't on its list) or included something that doesn't belong, let me know.

Songs about the ancient world

Songs about art or painters

Songs which mention Baseball

Songs which mention Boston or the areas around Boston

Songs which mention California

Songs about cars or driving

Songs he performs that were written by someone else

Songs which mention dancing

Songs which mention death

Songs which mention drugs

Songs which mention food

Songs in French or with verses in French

Songs which mention housewives

Advice from Jonathan on how to live (or how not to live)


Songs in Italian or with verses in Italian

Songs where he talks about his past

Songs where he does versions with extended explanations of the context of the song

Songs which mention music

Songs which mention New York

Songs which mention the outdoors

Songs which talk about parents

Songs about parties

Songs which mention specific places

Songs with political themes

Songs where Jonathan expresses regrets about his past

Songs about relationships in general

Songs where he gives advice about relationships

Songs about relationships with problems

Songs about people seeking relationships (usually him)

Songs about either Jonathan's wife or the woman he is in love with

Songs which mention the seasons

Songs in Spanish or with Spanish verses

Songs about religion or spirituality

Spoken Poems

Songs about the way the world used to be

Things Jonathan likes

Songs which mention times of day

Songs which talk about walking

Instrumentals or with at least one instrumental version

Songs or versions - or significant parts - with only voice, no instruments