Date Person Contribution
12 Sep, 2021mestarted the long process of relistening to songs to fill in gaps I missed the first time - this will take some time
10 Aug, 2021meadded some more notes to the recordings
06 Aug, 2021Polmore help with the French songs
02 Aug, 2021me

The overall goal is to get at least one lyric version and one chord/chordpro/or tab version for each song (I'll never get there but that's the goal). I've now constructed todo lists for the 180 missing chords, 45 missing instrumentals, 19 missing Spanish songs, 9 missing Italian songs, and 8 missing French songs. There are many other smaller gaps, mostly words here or there I couldn't catch, but the lists cover the bigger gaps.

If you are interested in helping - either as a French, Italian, or Spanish speaker or as a guitar transcriber - send me an email. Access is through Airtable ( and only some can have access since I've included the music files (for the bootlegs only and not for the regular releases)

I don't expect many (any?) to request access since you have to sign up for a free account but if you happen to be interested let me know.

01 Aug, 2021meok, that's about all the updating I can do until I listen to the songs again (which will take time) - but I'll work on the todo lists before I start with that
31 Jul, 2021meadded a page for Lists
31 Jul, 2021Zach and PolZach for continued help with Boston references, and Pol for help with French
28 Jul, 2021meadded many external links, fixed many errors, purged wierd \x{OD} line endings (wish I knew where they came from
22 Jul, 2021me

Corrected hundreds more small errors and inconsistencies

In case it isn't obvious, a notation guide

Jonathan talking - square brackets [] - [hello]

Me making an inline comment - double square brackets [[]] - [[singing off mic, hard to follow]]

Backup singers lines - regular brackets () - (ice cream man)

Word(s) I can't figure out - three question marks ???

If it's more than a line I can't follow, then I use multiple sets of three question marks

I don't claim though to be completely consistent, but it's better than it was

19 Jul, 2021meadded lyrics for versions of non-English songs where I already had some lyrics
13 Jul, 2021meadded songs I passed over for whatever reason and fixed notes for cover versions
11 Jul, 2021me

With the last upload, I reach a milestone. I have now finally gone through every official recording and every bootleg I have. That's 3145 tracks, 2734 versions, and 553 songs on 232 recordings. It was never supposed to get this big, but I kept finding more recordings and people would send me bootlegs and I would find some myself so I kept going (but don't ask me to explain how anyone could find having 49 versions of Ice Cream Man useful)

I won't be looking for any more bootlegs any time soon even though there is plenty I don't have. But of course I will add official releases as they become available

What's next?

• I will go through the site looking for gaps and obvious errors (of which there will be many) and to make the notation more consistent
• I want to add more links for background information on the songs
• I am working on a topic index (songs about nature, bad relationships, Boston, etc..)
• I am also working on todo lists for what I can't manage (songs in French, chords for songs, etc.)

If I can finish the above, then I'll look for more bootlegs but it's taken me 23 years to get to this point so we'll have to see

Many thanks to the MANY people who have contributed over the years but I have to mention how Nugrape has been a tremendous help and a source of encouragement

10 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Paley sessions
09 Jul, 2021melyrics to the lost tapes vol 2
08 Jul, 2021meLyrics to Rare Songs 1976-1982
07 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Roxy bootleg
07 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Route 128 compilation bootleg
07 Jul, 2021melyrics to Unreleased Studio Demos 1971-1973
07 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Harvard University
06 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Live in Victoria bootleg
05 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Lancaster bootleg
04 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Kyoto bootleg
03 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Jonathan Swifts bootleg
03 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the TopPop 1978 show
01 Jul, 2021meLyrics to the Helsinki radio bootleg
01 Jul, 2021meLyrics to Just A Spark - Episode 12
27 Jun, 2021PolLyrics to C'etait Toujours Toi
26 Jun, 2021PolLyrics to Place Pigalle
20 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the Amsterdam bootleg
19 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the Williamsburg Music Hall bootleg
10 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the Unitarian Church Basement bootleg
08 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the Andrew Bird youtube
07 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the Three Links bootleg
07 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the rest of the Conan stuff
06 Jun, 2021meLyrics to the Spirit bootleg
03 Jun, 2021meLyrics to San Fran 1986 bootleg
01 Jun, 2021meLyrics to Just a Spark - Episode 11
30 May, 2021meLyrics to the Rex Club 1985 bootleg
28 May, 2021meLyrics to Peppermint Lounge bootleg
26 May, 2021melyrics to the Paradise 1977 bootleg
25 May, 2021melyrics to the Paradise bootleg
24 May, 2021melyrics to the Nuremberg bootleg
23 May, 2021ZachI should note that Zach has been very helpful in sorting out some lyrics - especially those with Boston references
22 May, 2021melyrics to the Nightstage bootleg
20 May, 2021melyrics to the Mercury Lounge bootleg
18 May, 2021melyrics to the fantastic Mean Fiddler bootleg
15 May, 2021melyrics to Lone Star Cafe bootleg
13 May, 2021melyrics to The Knitting Factory 1999
11 May, 2021melyrics to The Knitting Factory 1997 (2)
08 May, 2021melyrics to The Knitting Factory 1997 (1)
02 May, 2021melyrics to the Jack Rabbits bootleg (includes the only Dylan cover of his I've heard AND I found out the lesbian bar was in Las Vegas)
01 May, 2021gavinadded a pile (30+) of chords from Gavin (too many to list)
01 May, 2021melyrics to Just A Spark - episode 10
29 Apr, 2021meLyrics to the Hollywood 1989 bootleg
24 Apr, 2021meLyrics to the second Gaspars bootleg and the Herentals bootleg
24 Apr, 2021meLyrics to the weird Gold Star Demos - containing perhaps his worst cover, Cupid, the heavily orchestrated Long Walk Home, and the bizarre Nuclear Nightmare
18 Apr, 2021meLyrics to the first Gaspars bootleg
10 Apr, 2021meLyrics to Elephant Fayre bootleg
01 Apr, 2021meLyrics for the Deaf Institute bootleg
01 Apr, 2021meLyrics to Just a Spark - Episode 9
29 Mar, 2021meLyrics for the Cat's Cradle bootleg
27 Mar, 2021meLyrics for the Bowery Ballroom 2009 bootleg
22 Mar, 2021meLyrics for the Bottom Line 1983 bootleg
13 Mar, 2021meLyrics for the Bottom Line bootleg
06 Mar, 2021meLyrics for the Bishop bootleg
27 Feb, 2021meLyrics for the Birchmore bootleg
23 Feb, 2021meI have been working on typos and inconsistencies - made hundreds of changes but nothing dramatic. I don't claim to have caught them all but it's better
15 Feb, 2021meOk, I've been correcting typos but this is taking forever just to catch the basic ones (over 2300 versions of over 500 songs)
14 Feb, 2021melyrics for Roberto the Trainer
13 Feb, 2021memade a bunch of minor changes and added a listing for everything I have and revised the buying guide (I hope I didn't mess anything up)
12 Feb, 2021meI've finally changed how the versions are listed in songs (now they are by year like I should have done long ago). I also corrected a few other minor problems
08 Feb, 2021meI'm changing my workflow. For years I've been adding bootlegs one by one, transcribing, and then each time updating the site. I have now added all the bootlegs I have without transcriptions. I will transcribe eventually but now I'm going to turn to the long overdue process of fixing errors and looking for inconsistencies.
05 Feb, 2021meLyrics for Boston TV
04 Feb, 2021meLyrics for the Apeldoorn bootleg
02 Feb, 2021meLyrics to the Chapel Hill bootleg
01 Feb, 2021meLyrics for the Radcliffe Bootleg
31 Jan, 2021meLyrics for the Marilyns on K bootleg
30 Jan, 2021meLyrics for the My Father's Place bootleg and the Hansa 39 bootleg
28 Jan, 2021meLyrics for the Milky Way bootleg
26 Jan, 2021melyrics for the New Morning bootleg
24 Jan, 2021melyrics for the Night and Day Cafe bootleg
23 Jan, 2021melyrics for the Cafe de la Danse 2000 bootleg and the Subterranea Club bootleg
21 Jan, 2021melyrics for Shauberg bootleg
17 Jan, 2021melyrics for Tragarn bootleg
16 Jan, 2021meadded lyrics for West Side Club bootleg and Verbano Club bootleg
15 Jan, 2021melyrics for Tsunami Relief Benefit
15 Jan, 2021mechanged the song index a bit, made the header sticky so it stays when you scroll - it works for me (let me know if you run into problems)
14 Jan, 2021melyrics to the Miss. Nights bootleg
10 Jan, 2021mefinally the lyrics to most of SA cd, and the lyrics to the Lesbian Bar version on the Bridge Concert 25 cd, and the lyrics to the long version of Not So Much
08 Jan, 2021meLyrics to the radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic
07 Jan, 2021meLyrics to the Live at Riverside bootleg
05 Jan, 2021meLyrics for all the Just a Spark episodes (except for the foreign language songs)
03 Jan, 2021mechords for As We Walk to Fenway Park
03 Jan, 2021me Lyrics for Just A Spark and No One On This Earth
03 Jan, 2021meLyrics for Just a Spark (episode 2) - except for the Italian song
31 Dec, 2020meadded eight of the Just a Spark series (just the basic info for now)
30 Dec, 2020meadded the basic info for SA and the Penchant for the Stagnant single and the She's So from Somewhere Else single
30 Dec, 2020trevcorrections to the chords for Couples must Fight
30 Dec, 2020RKnew transcription of Una Fuerza Alla
29 Dec, 2020meafter years of neglect, starting up again. Made some under the hood updates fixing a couple of minor issues. Removed out of date youtubes and added a handful of new ones. Took out the link to bob's website (sadly seems to have disappeared)
13 Dec, 2016melyrics for live at Davis
04 Dec, 2016melyrics for Irving Plaza
02 Dec, 2016melyrics for HMV Boston
01 Dec, 2016meadded info for 4 singles
30 Nov, 2016melyrics for Flying Monkey Arts
24 Nov, 2016melyrics for central park 2000 and echo lounge
18 Nov, 2016gavinChords for: As my Mother Lay lying, Astral Plane, Because her beauty, behold the lilies, bohemia, dodge vegomatic, egyptian reaggae, es como, government centre, he gave us the wine, hello from cupid, her mystery, hospital, I wanna sleep, in che mondo, le printemps, london, love me like I love, modern world, morning of our lives, my baby love love loves me, new england, not so much to be loved, now is better, ride on down the highway, roadrunner, sa voix, sea, someone I care about, springtime in new york. thats how i feel, the mixer, the world is showing its hand, true love is not nice, vampire girl, wake up sleepyheads, walk up the street, when we rufuse to suffer, womanhood
17 Nov, 2016melyrics for Cafe la Danse 2003
17 Nov, 2016melyrics and chords for People are Disgusting
14 Nov, 2016meworking on text encodings (I've tried utf-8 but there were problems) I hope it works now
13 Nov, 2016kasunCorrection to the chords for Rodeo Wind
13 Nov, 2016georgeChords for take me to the Plaza
12 Nov, 2016meAdded lyrics for Ishkode! Ishkode!
11 Nov, 2016meadded lyrics for 1971 Stonehenge Ipswich
11 Nov, 2016meadded lyrics for Bradford Ballroom (set 2)
20 Oct, 2016meupdated the scripts and database structure
13 Apr, 2014meadded the lyrics for the Bowery Ballroom 2000 show (interesting to me for the SIX songs on it I hadn't heard before - that doesn't happen often to me anymore)
27 Aug, 2013Glencorrections to Corner Store
14 Aug, 2013meadded the info for Home of the Hits
10 Aug, 2013meadded info for the Regression bootleg, a couple of more singles, and other minor changes
10 Aug, 2013meadded the lyrics for Town Hall 1976
30 Jul, 2013meadded the info for egyptian reggae/roadrunner single and added a bunch of external links for many songs
27 Jul, 2013meworked more on the scripts and correcting other small errors
23 Jul, 2013meFixed a couple of minor things (the upside down question mark and I am now centering the version titles)
23 Jul, 2013AngusChord changes to The Fenway, Up in the Sky Sometime, Now is better than before, and Down in Bermuda
23 Jul, 2013StaceyLyric Correction to As We Walk to Fenway
02 Jun, 2013meWelcome to the new look site. Many many changes (due to my putting the site into a database). Let me know what you think.... Changes include: A revised style sheet and a new consistent look (I think it looks cleaner); Correction of hundreds of typos and other mistakes; An image gallery; Added a number of singles (I have been busy on ebay)
13 May, 2013meStill in progress. The data is all in and I have made corrections and have written most of the output scripts. I just have to check for output errors and add some new info and I'll be ready (of course that will take a while yet)
12 Mar, 2013meIn progress. Still setting up the basic database and user interface (all still rudimentary). I think I have the basic structure of the database fixed (not always simple with relational databases). The basic tables Recording - A cd, or single, or record, or DVD. (One recording can have many tracks) Track - A part or division of a particular recording. (Many tracks can be on one recording AND many tracks can be one version) Version - If tracks are identical they are the same version. Normally a track will also be a unique version, the exceptions are greatest hits cds and singles and those odd times when the identical version appears on different cds. (One version can have many tracks) Song - One song can have multiple versions Subversion - The chords or lyrics or tab or chordpro of a particular version (one version will have multiple subversions)
18 Feb, 2013meLyrics to the Reed College 1983 bootleg; finally got the confusing line in Rockin Rockin Leprechauns "sorta near the slide where the kids done slid"
10 Aug, 2012meLyrics to the Sesto Calende bootleg, added an expanded song index
07 Aug, 2012meembedded a bunch of the youtubes
05 Aug, 2012meLyrics to Mezzago 1988
26 May, 2012melyrics to the Turin 1986 bootleg
20 May, 2012mefinished the lyrics (finally) to the San Giuliano Milanese bootleg
30 Mar, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the Torino bootleg
21 Mar, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the Live at McCabe bootleg
11 Mar, 2012Danlyric correction to Her Mystery ....
11 Mar, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the Left Bank bootleg
26 Feb, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the Heartbreak Club bootleg
18 Feb, 2012meI have abandoned the rss feed, but you can follow the updates on twitter, @jojochords
18 Feb, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the Barcelona bootleg
14 Feb, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the Binghamton bootleg
08 Feb, 2012mefinished the lyrics to the International House bootleg
05 Feb, 2012meIt has been awhile, but I have switched jobs since last spring and I have moved across the country. So I have been busy. I hope to get back at this at a more regular level.
22 Apr, 2011icecoldnugrapeMany thanks for sorting out that the songs I had listed as Bootleg 1 were actually part of the Cicero's, St Louis show in 1995
22 Apr, 2011meinfo for the Morning of Our Lives/Roadrunner Thrice and Roadrunner Once/Roadrunner Twice singles
22 Apr, 2011meWell not an addition as such but I finally got a legitimate copy of It's Time for Jonathan Richman which means I now have pretty much everything (except a couple of singles) of the officially released stuff
22 Apr, 2011meLyrics for The Rex Club 1982 show
17 Apr, 2011meinfo for the Abdul and Cleopatra single
17 Apr, 2011melyrics for the 1977 New York University show
12 Apr, 2011meinfo for That Summer Feeling (single)
11 Apr, 2011meadded info for 3 singles: Egyptian Reggae/Roller Coaster By the Sea, Egyptian Reggae exclusive remix, and New England/Here Come the Martian Martians
11 Apr, 2011melyrics to The Other End
11 Apr, 2011ChristopherLyric correction to When She Kisses Me
07 Apr, 2011meadded lyrics for The Cellar Door, and New England (single)
03 Apr, 2011meadded info for the Lydia single
03 Apr, 2011meadded lyrics for the Catalyst show
02 Apr, 2011meadded info for Buzz Buzz Buzz (single)
01 Apr, 2011meadded lyrics for Bohemia (what I could figure out anyway), as per a request
01 Apr, 2011mefinished The Bookies
29 Mar, 2011meChanged the way I list the table of contents in each song file to make it clearer what I have done and what is left to be done
26 Mar, 2011meAdded lyrics for the Boarding House and the info for I'm So Confused (with bonus tracks)
17 Mar, 2011melyrics for Live in Bristol 1978
17 Mar, 2011melyrics for 3 Soundboard Shows 1978-1979
15 Mar, 2011melyrics for Pinkpop 1978
14 Mar, 2011meadded a twitter feed (experimental for now)
13 Mar, 2011meinfo and links for Revolution Summer, Revolution Summer Soundtrack, the I'm Just Beginning to Live single
12 Mar, 2011meupdated the recordings index, removed the todo lists (way out of date anyway), and revised the buying guide. Added links and some of the lyrics for Songs of Rememberance
11 Mar, 2011melyrics for Jonathan Sings Sessions
05 Mar, 2011meLyrics for The Lost LP
04 Mar, 2011meI'm Sticking With You Lyrics
03 Mar, 2011meLyrics for the You Can Have a Cell Phone That's OK but Not Me single
02 Mar, 2011meUpdated the todo lists, chords and lyrics to Stop Your Sobbing, lyrics to As We Walk to Fenway Park In Boston Town, links for the A Que Venimos Sino A Caer? cd, and the lyrics to the Early Demos 1973
24 Feb, 2011metab for The Sweeping Wind
23 Feb, 2011meadded the links to Vampire Girl: Essential Recordings, and (most of the) lyrics and (most of the) chords to the O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth and Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild cds, a tab for South American Folk Song
16 Feb, 2011meChords and Lyrics to Our Dog is Getting Older Now
12 Feb, 2011JohnAlternative chords to He Gave Us the Wine
12 Feb, 2011JohnChord corrections to the Jonathan Sings version of Summer Feeling
12 Feb, 2011NickChord Corrections to Everyday Clothes
12 Feb, 2011PhilCorrections to the chords of Lonely Little Thrift Store
12 Feb, 2011JDChord corrections to Dignified and Old, Hospital, Astral Plane, She Cracked, and a Plea for Tenderness
10 Feb, 2011SeanLyrics and Translations for Cosi Veloce, and In Che Mondo Viviamo
08 Feb, 2011LionelTranscription of This Love of Mine
08 Feb, 2011PeterLyric corrections and note to This Kind of Music
08 Feb, 2011ChristopherLyric corrections to Double Chocolate Malted, and UFO Man
07 Feb, 2011TijsLyric corrections to Tonight, and Vincent Van Gogh
07 Feb, 2011Jameslyric correction to Affection
07 Feb, 2011JayLyric help and note to Fender Stratocaster
06 Feb, 2011TomNote to Rodeo Wind
06 Feb, 2011JoshLyric correction to Ride Down On the Highway
06 Feb, 2011JerryLyric correction to Couples Must Fight
06 Feb, 2011meWow, all done now with the rewrite (that was boring, I really need to write this as some sort of database). Next I will add corrections sent to me over the years and then some new stuff. I hope you like the new look (still keeping to the minimalist theme)
02 Feb, 2011meMade it all the way through 's'
31 Jan, 2011meMade it all the way through 'm'
30 Jan, 2011meAll the way through 'i' now
29 Jan, 2011meRevised all the 'e' songs
28 Jan, 2011meRevised all the 'd' songs
27 Jan, 2011meAdded all the 'c' songs
26 Jan, 2011meAdded all the 'b' songs
25 Jan, 2011meThe rewrite is progressing, i've done all the main pages, the cds and the songs that start with 'a.' It's going to take a while so I thought I'd post even the partial results. Let me know what you think since it will be easy to change elements now that I am using css. Once I finish with the existing song pages I'll go through the backlog of things people have sent me over the years, then I'll add more of the missing material (I've even ordered the new JoJo cd)
16 Jan, 2011meBeginning the rewrite of the site (no longer using GoLive) - and it's about time I did something here. I am now using BBEdit and I am making heavy use of CSS.
18 Feb, 2008meadded some key info for Affection
18 Feb, 2008mewell it is time I got back at it. This fall will be the 10 year anniversary of this site so I need to get a little more done. The problem has been that I have lost some interest in this and that I have collected so much bootleg stuff, I am never going to finish (which I once thought I could) - I have 114 titles, almost 2000 songs - still, I'll keep it going and get some changes up
27 Apr, 2006Eriklyrics corrections to Fly into the Mystery
27 Apr, 2006Johnlyrics corrections to Just About 17
27 Apr, 2006wwrightlyrics corrections to Roadrunner
21 Jan, 2006Jonathanchords to In Che Mondo Viviamo
21 Jan, 2006Jonathanchords to Cosi Veloce
21 Jan, 2006Jonathanchords and lyrics to The Heart of Saturday Night
21 Jan, 2006Jonathanchords to The World is Showing its Hand
10 Jan, 2006Jerrycorrection to the lyrics to Springtime in New York, When I Dance
22 Dec, 2005mefinished converting all the capo stuff on all songs
17 Dec, 2005mefinished updating the todo lists and updating the format and added chord versions for most all the ones I had chordpro.
08 Dec, 2005mestarting up again, working on the todo list and I have completed the chords for all songs up to j
18 Aug, 2005Jonathan B.chords to The Desert
11 Aug, 2005Jerrycorrections to The World is showing me its hand
07 Jul, 2005mefinished adding External Links to all songs, if you have a suggestion for links, let me know
27 Jun, 2005mechords for Hi Dear (all versions)
26 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro for Give Paris one more chance (Her mystery version)
26 Jun, 2005mechords, chordpro for El Joven Se Estremece (plaza version)
23 Jun, 2005mechords, chordpro and external links for Dancing Late at Night, chordpro and external links for Dodge Veg O matic
22 Jun, 2005mecorrections to Compadrito
22 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro for Closer (all versions), Coomyah (all versions), Con El Merengue
21 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro to Chewing Gum Wrapper (all versions)
21 Jun, 2005mecorrections to Corner Store
21 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro and external links for Circle I (all versions)
20 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro and external links for Desert Party (all versions), and cappucino bar (all versions)
20 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro for Corner Store (all versions), Couples must fight (plaza version)
18 Jun, 2005meexternal links for At Night, Astral Plane, A Higher Power, Abominable Snowman, Abu Jamal, Abdul and Cleopatra, and Abdul
18 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro for Back in Your Life (Tampa version), Better (both versions)
17 Jun, 2005meChords and chordpro for Snowman (Quiet Club version)
14 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro for all versions of Abdul and Cleopatra
12 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro to Ancient Long Ago (Paradiso version), Una Fuerza Alla
11 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro to Action Packed (Tampa Bay version)
07 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro to Abdul and Cleopatra (New York version)
05 Jun, 2005mekey to Womanhood, You Are
05 Jun, 2005mechords, chordpro, chords (capo 1), chordpro (capo 1) for Under the Stars,
05 Jun, 2005mechords for Underneath, Walk up the Street,
04 Jun, 2005mechords for The Mixer
04 Jun, 2005mechords and chordpro for Springtime in New York (mystery version), Tallahassee Lassie (Freddy Cannon version), Take me off the Shelf, Tonight,
04 Jun, 2005mekey to Something You Love, such love, tell how you feel, Too Hip
27 May, 2005mepart of chordpro (Capo 1) for So Honest
27 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for Respect for You, She's Running Away, Singing in the Rain,
22 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for On a du soleil,
21 May, 2005KenyaAlternate English translations to Con El Merengue, Yo Tengo Una Novia, El Joven Se Estremece
20 May, 2005mechords and chordpro to El Joven Se Estremece, Yo Tengo Una Novia, not so much to be loved (first version)
20 May, 2005StevenLyrics and English translation to El Joven Se Estremece, Con El Merengue, Yo Tengo Una Novia
15 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for Me and Her got a thing, My love for her ain't sad (Her Mystery version), My heart was won by a girl,
14 May, 2005meeverything for Hello Josephine, Abdul
14 May, 2005melyrics to Ice Cream Man (Paradiso version), Ancient Long Ago (Paradiso version), I'm a little airplane (Paradiso version), Pretty Little Girl (Paradiso version), Hello Josephine, New England (Paradiso version)
13 May, 2005melyrics to Dinosaur (Paradiso version)
12 May, 2005meadded the info for Paradiso 24-09-1977, lyrics to Abdul
08 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for J'Aime Paris Au Mois de Mai, Jail, Les ?toiles, Let's Say We Just Met, Let's Rock and Roll.
08 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for I'm not Alone, In the Checkout Line, I took a chance on her,
07 May, 2005melyrics to the original version of I can't stay Mad at you, chords and chordpro for I can't sleep now, Ice cold NuGrape, I love her little body
07 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for Her Mystery (Her Mystery version)
06 May, 2005mechords and chordpro for Get in the groove, he gave us the wine, hi fred,
05 May, 2005mechords for Afternoon, A Higher Power (i jonathan version, Amarcito Corazon (Chords)
03 May, 2005meChords, Chords (capo 1), Chordpro (capo 1) for Affection (Back in your life version)
02 May, 2005mechords, chordpro for Flying Saucers, Rock and Roll, foolin around
01 May, 2005meadded an RSS feed
30 Apr, 2005mechords for Dream of the Sea
29 Apr, 2005mechords for Coombayah/Kumbaya, Don't Fight the Feeling, Dick Gregory
28 Apr, 2005mechords for Couples Must Fight (her mystery version)
27 Apr, 2005mechords for Cozy with a K, Crazy Eddie (all versions)
24 Apr, 2005meeverything for Baby we can't go Wrong
24 Apr, 2005mechords and chordpro for Lilies of the Field
24 Apr, 2005mecorrections to the source code for Abu Jamal
24 Apr, 2005meadded chords, chordpro, and chords (capo 1) to Abdul (Back in your life version)
23 Apr, 2005mechordpro and chords to Abu Jamal (my first chord contribution since 2001, look for errors since it has been that long since I have played my guitar)
23 Apr, 2005mereintroduced the Todo list, listed chordpro versions as chordpro, other minor corrections
20 Apr, 2005melyrics to Astral Plane (Lost Tapes version), We Held Hands (Lost Tapes version), I can't sleep now
19 Apr, 2005melyrics to My heart was won by a girl
17 Apr, 2005melyrics to I love her little Body, Get in the Groove, Too Hip, Ice Cold NuGrape
12 Apr, 2005Patrickcorrections to the lyrics in Springtime in New York
12 Apr, 2005meremoved the concert review section (I don't have the time or interest to do that sort of thing well, it was a thought anyway)
28 Mar, 2005melyrics to Don't change for me (Lost Tapes vol 1 version), She's running away
27 Mar, 2005melyrics to My Name is Jonathan (Lost tapes vol 1 version), Something You Love, Let's Rock and Roll, My Runabout Girl
26 Mar, 2005melyrics to Let's Say we just met, Under the Stars, In the Checkout Line, Try This Brand New Dance, Dick Gregory, Foolin Around
25 Mar, 2005melyrics to Morning of Our Lives (Lost Tapes vol 1 version), Baby we can't go wrong (Lost Tapes vol 1 version), Cozy with a K, Crazy Eddie (both versions), Five year Old Feeling (both versions), Better (Lost Tapes vol 1 versions), Jail, Tell How You Feel
25 Mar, 2005melyrics to Martians (College Rock Hour version), Vincent Van Gogh (College Rock Hour version), Paris (College Rock Hour version), Roller Coaster (College Rock Hour version), Dinosaur (College Rock Hour version), The Neighbors (College Rock Hour version), Conga Drums (College Rock Hour version), Affection (College Rock Hour version), I'm a Jerk
23 Mar, 2005melyrics to That Summer Feeling (College Rock Hour version)
22 Mar, 2005melyrics to Not Yet Three (College Rock Hour version), Ice Cream Man (College Rock Hour version)
19 Mar, 2005bobcorrections to the lyrics in Tallahassee Lassie
19 Mar, 2005meI added blank pages for all the instrumentals and foreign songs I haven't figured out yet
19 Mar, 2005melyrics to Don't Fight the Feeling, and lyrics (such as I could figure out) to I'm Dropping My Friends (one by one)
18 Mar, 2005melyrics to Coomyah (Quiet Knight version), Girlfren (Quiet Knight version), Hospital (Quiet Knight version), Martians (both Quiet Knight 'versions'), Summer Morning (both Quiet Knight versions), Oh Carol (Quiet Knight version), Lydia (Quiet Knight version), Kookenhaken (Quiet Knight version)
17 Mar, 2005melyrics to Route 66 (both Quiet Knight versions), Rockin Rockin Leprechauns (Quiet Knight version), Shoppin Centre (Quiet Knight version), Roadrunner (both Quiet Knight versions), Back in the usa (both Quiet Knight versions)
16 Mar, 2005melyrics to Important in my Life (Quiet Knight version), Ice Cream Man (both Quiet Knight versions), Abdul and Cleopatra (both Quiet Knight versions), Snowman (Quiet Knight version), New England (Quiet Knight version), Affection (Quiet Knight version), The New Teller (Quiet Knight version)
16 Mar, 2005mereceived a generous donation of bootlegs: Quiet Knight Club 1978, The College Rock Hour, and The Lost Tapes - Vol. 1. It will take a while to get all the info up ... I also added some info for the movie A Sign From God for which Jonathan did the soundtrack
16 Mar, 2005melyrics to Walk up the street (For all the Modern Lovers version and Original Modern Lovers version), When I dance (It's Time version, Germany version, and Tampa version), When I'm Walking (Sings Unreleased Demo version), When She Kisses me (Surrender version), You're Crazy for taking the bus (Tampa version), You're the one for me (Sings version, Sings Unreleased Demo version, and Tampa version)
12 Mar, 2005melyrics to Mary (all movie versions), Dance Floor (Tampa version), Conga Drums (Jonathan Sings Unreleased Demo version), True Love is Not Nice (soundtrack and movie versions), To Hide a Little Thought (Surrender version, Cicero's version), This Love of Mine (Tampa version), This Kind of Music (Sings Unreleased Demo version, Tampa version, Germany version, Cicero's version), Neighbors (Country version, Sings Unreleased Demo version, Funky version, Tampa version), Up in the Sky (Sings Unreleased Demo version, New York version), Underneath (Funky version), Vampire Girls (Cicero's version), Vincent Van Gogh (Germany version, Tampa version, Cicero's version), Walter Johnson (Germany version)
12 Mar, 2005mefound extra chords and tabs for Mary, Reno, Eyptian Reggae, Paris, and Abdul
11 Mar, 2005mefound extra versions of Harpo and When I Dance online
11 Mar, 2005melyrics to That Summer Feeling (Jonathan Sings (unreleased demo version), Germany version and Kingpin version), The Girl Stands up to me now (Cicero's version), The Beach (Germany version, Tampa Bay version), The UFO man (Tampa version, Germany version)
05 Mar, 2005melyrics to Since she Started to Ride (Bootleg version), She Doesn't Laugh at my Jokes (Bootleg version) and They're not tryin on the dance floor (Bootleg version)
04 Mar, 2005meadded a bunch of cd covers I had missed
04 Mar, 2005melyrics to She Cracked (all versions), lyrics to Somebody to Hold Me (Sings demo version and Funky version), lyrics to Shirin (Germany version)
26 Feb, 2005meadded a couple more concert reviews (have patience, I will add more in time)
26 Feb, 2005melyrics to Someone I Care about (Modern lovers (Alternate) version, Live at the Longbranch version, and revisions to the Modern Lovers version)
19 Feb, 2005melyrics to Stop this car (for all the modern lovers version, Jonathan Sings (unreleased demo version) version, minor corrections to the Jonathan Sings version, New York version, and Germany version)
19 Feb, 2005westawaychords for My Baby loves loves loves me
04 Feb, 2005melyrics to Roadrunner (Original #2 version and The Modern Lovers (castle) alternative version and For all the modern lovers version and Roadrunner (live) version and Radio On (second one) version)
14 Jan, 2005melyrics to Roller Coaster (Sweden version), Route 66 (For all the Modern Lovers version), Roadrunner (Original #1 version)
03 Jan, 2005me and daviddavid reminded me that I hadn't posted the info for the Action Packed cd.
26 Dec, 2004melyrics to Reno (Tampa version), leprechauns (For all the modern lovers version and Germany version)
18 Dec, 2004melyrics to Old World (longbranch version), Pablo Picasso (Longbranch version and New York version)
10 Dec, 2004melyrics to Now is Better than Before (Cicero's version, Germany version, and Mary movie version), New Teller (New York version, Sweden version, and Laura Palmer version), Not yet three (Germany version and New York version), New England (Live version, New York version, and Sweden version)
06 Dec, 2004meGot a copy of Roadrunner Roadrunner and added the info for it (and updated the buying guide)
20 Nov, 2004metook out the todo lists (way out of date anyway), added a concert review section (much more to come), lyrics to Modern World (Longbranch and More version, For all the Modern Lovers version, and The Modern Lovers (castle) alternative version), Kookenhaken (Sweden version), My love is a flower (Sweden version, New York version, For all the Modern Lovers version)
16 Nov, 2004DwightFry and glaistigThe lyrics to the Spanish version of Vampire Girl (Her Mystery version)
12 Nov, 2004melyrics to Lydia (For all the Modern Lovers version), lyrics to Louie Louie (New York version), Let her go into the darkness (Conan version, Mary Soundtrack version, and Mary version)
06 Nov, 2004meextra talking at the end of Airplane, lyrics to It's You (Cicero's version and Tampa version), It will stand (Sweden version), Important in Your Life (New York version), I'm just beginning to Live (New York version), Dinosaur (Sweden version), and I'm Straight (all versions)
29 Oct, 2004melyrics to I Eat With Gusto (Tampa version), Chords and Lyrics to Ice Cream Man (Buzz Buzz Buzz version (medium)), lyrics to Ice Cream Man (New York version and Sweden version and Germany version)
23 Oct, 2004meadded version info for most of the cover versions. Took out the responses section (I'll get my ego boost in other ways)
23 Oct, 2004yanncorrections to the lyrics for Mustapha, lyrics for On a du soleil
15 Oct, 2004melyrics for Hang On Sloopy and Hi Dear (Sweden version) and Hospital (Longbranch and More version and Roadrunner version) Hey There Little Insect (Live version, Germany version, and Sweden version) Martian Martians (For all the Modern Lovers version)
15 Oct, 2004yannCorrections to the lyrics to J'Aime Paris Au Mois de Mai.and lyrics to, and the English translation of, Les ?toiles
08 Oct, 2004melyrics for Fly into the Mystery (Precise version), lyrics for Give Paris one more Chance (Germany version and Her Mystery version), lyrics for Government Centre (Roadrunner version and Laura version and Sweden version) and lyrics for Girlfriend (Original version and Long and More version)
02 Oct, 2004melyrics for Everyday Clothes (Tampa version and Cicero's version)
26 Sep, 2004meI finally got the Live at the Longbranch Saloon cd
26 Sep, 2004memore lyrics for Double Chocolate Malted (Tampa version)
01 Aug, 2004melyrics for Chewing Gum Wrapper (Germany version), Circle I (Tampa version), Corner Store (It's Time version and Germany version and Kingpin version), Dance With Me (Original Modern Lovers version and the spoken intro to the Longbranch version), Dancing Late at night (Tampa version), dignified and old (all versions), Dodge Veg-O-Matic (All versions), Don't let our youth go to waste (Original Modern Lovers version)
31 Jul, 2004melyrics for all versions of Back In Your Life, California Desert Party (Tampa version), Cappuccino Bar (Tampa version), closer (Tampa version), Chewing Gum Wrapper (Tampa version)
31 Jul, 2004mework on the lyrics to all the versions of Back in the usa (which makes my top 10 LEAST favorite JoJo songs)
31 Jul, 2004meadded the time info for Take me to the Plaza
31 Jul, 2004melyrics to Give Paris One more Chance (Plaza version), Not in my Name, Her Mystery (Plaza version), The night is still young (Plaza version), you can't talk to the dude (Plaza version), 19 in Naples (Plaza version)
30 Jul, 2004melyrics to Abdul and Cleopatra (New York version and Sweden version), Affection (I'm so Confused version and New York version and Sweden version), Astral Plane (Roadrunner version), couples must fight (Plaza version)
29 Jul, 2004meLyrics to Let Her Go into the Darkness (Plaza version), My Baby love love loves me (Plaza version), Springtime in New York (Plaza version), Pablo Picasso (Plaza version), Lesbian Bar (Plaza version), lyrics to I Love the World, my love for her ain't sad (Plaza version)
29 Jul, 2004RossCorrections to the chords in Surrender
29 Jul, 2004RossCorrections to the chords in Just Look At Me
29 Jul, 2004meLyrics to Girlfren (Plaza version), The World is Showin its hand (Plaza version)
29 Jul, 2004meUpdated the Buying Guide with my thoughts in the new cd, Lyrics to Take me to the Plaza
29 Jul, 2004meLyrics to Salvador Dali, Not so much to be loved as to love, and Wanderin with Mike P
29 Jul, 2004meLyrics to the new version of Vincent Van Gogh
29 Jul, 2004meLyrics to My Baby love love loves me, The world is showing its hand
28 Jul, 2004meLyrics to He Gave us the Wine to taste it
28 Jul, 2004meLyrics to Abu Jamal, Behold the Lilies of the Field, and Dream of the Sea
28 Jul, 2004RossCorrections to the chords in Corner Store
27 Jul, 2004mecd info for Not so Much to be loved as to love (lyrics and chords to come)
27 Jul, 2004meLyrics to The Mixer
27 Jul, 2004meLyrics to Womanhood, (hate to admit it but some of this older stuff is growing on me)
27 Jul, 2004TurquoiseLyrics to Winters get Hard in New England
27 Jul, 2004TurquoiseCorrections to the lyrics of Our Swingin Pad
15 Jun, 2004megot my copy of Back in Your Life +4, and added the version info for the songs and updated the buying guide
13 Jun, 2004meMore work on the lyrics to Astral Plane
13 Jun, 2004meUpdated the buying guide now that Castle records have reneged on the promised 2 cd live release
05 Jun, 2004mePicked up a copy of A Plea for Tenderness and updated the song info, added song times for a few of the cds
05 Jun, 2004SaraLyrics to J'Aime Paris Au Mois de Mai and Mustapha
05 Jun, 2004meWorking on the lyrics to Roadrunner
05 Jun, 2004meLyrics to the Origin of Love (Reprise)
23 May, 2004meMinor addition to the buying guide
22 May, 2004meOk, it has been a while but I am now back. All the new releases by Castle have got me interested in this again (and the site should be staying where it is for the forseeable future) No new chords yet but I cleaned up a lot of the code, I redesigned the song index, added a page of responses I have got about the site over the years, and added a buying guide for those new to the music of Jonathan Richman. Also I recently bought The Modern Lovers (castle reissue), another version of The Original Modern Lovers, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers +4, Rock and Roll with the Modern Lovers +1, Take Me to the Plaza, There's Something about Mary (the movie not the cd), and Kingpin (the movie). So I also have added the version info for each of the above (with more chord info to come) I also picked up Mustapha, Mustapha (instrumental), The Origin of Love (Reprise), Broken Promises, and J'Aime Paris Au Mois De Mai and I will add more info about them soon Oh, I also picked up a copy of 23 Great Recordings so I confirmed the version info for it too. (I can't believe its been almost 6 years since I started this)
30 Nov, 2001meMore lyrics to Action Packed
30 Nov, 2001meChords (at least the key) for Don't change for me , Pretty Little Girl , The Desert, and My Name is Jonathan
30 Nov, 2001meMinor lyrics change to Heart of the Saturday Night
30 Nov, 2001meChords and minor Lyric change to Better
27 Nov, 2001mebought Precise Modern Lovers Order, Something about Mary, and I Must be King and I updated the version info for all of them.
25 Nov, 2001melyrics to Hi Fred, Flying Saucers, Rock and Roll, and We Held Hands
24 Nov, 2001melyrics to Respect for You, I'm Not Alone, and Coombayah
20 Nov, 2001melyrics to Singing in the Rain
17 Nov, 2001melyrics to So Honest
14 Nov, 2001melyrics to Such Love
13 Nov, 2001melyrics to Take Me Off the Shelf
12 Nov, 2001melyrics to Hi Dear and Baby We Can't Go Wrong; I also put a explanatory note in Springtime in New York
11 Nov, 2001melyrics to Tallahassee Lassie
10 Nov, 2001Alice FranceschiniOriginal version of Hang On Sloopy
10 Nov, 2001Gene L. GrahamOriginal version of Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
10 Nov, 2001Jeffrey GoffinTom Waits version of The Heart of Saturday Night
10 Nov, 2001ejl33 and bmcphailOriginal versions of Route 66
10 Nov, 2001Collins CrapoOriginal version of Ruby Ruby
10 Nov, 2001Stephen V. SmithOriginal version of Goin to the Chapel
10 Nov, 2001John Newton, and Alice FranceschiniDifferent (traditional) versions of Amazing Grace
10 Nov, 2001A. W. Rogers, Vincent M. Veltri and Glen MaconChords and Lyrics to multiple versions of Louie Louie
09 Nov, 2001meLyrics for I Took A Chance on Her , Tonight and My Love For Her Aint Sad
07 Nov, 2001meLyrics for Couples Must Fight
07 Nov, 2001mepicked up a copy of The Beserkely Years (and I updated the version information)
07 Nov, 2001Zack FornacaCorrections to the lyrics in Springtime in New York
06 Nov, 2001meLyrics for Me and Her Got a Good Thing Goin Baby
05 Nov, 2001meLyrics for Springtime in New York
04 Nov, 2001meLyrics for Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eyeshadow
04 Nov, 2001meChords and Lyrics for Ruby Ruby
03 Nov, 2001meUpdated the Todo list
03 Nov, 2001meAdded the info for Laura Palmer (if someone has better song titles, let me know)
01 Nov, 2001meAdded the info for Live in Germany 1985 and Live In Sweden 1978
31 Oct, 2001meAdded the Info for Live in New York 1980
30 Oct, 2001meAdded the info for Live In Tampa Bay 1992 and I updated the Song Index
29 Oct, 2001meAdded the info for The Jonathan Richman Songbook compilation
29 Oct, 2001meFinally got my copy of Her Mystery Not Of High Heels and Eye Shadow and I also picked up Buzz Buzz Buzz
29 Oct, 2001Bad BoyMany many thanks for access to 5 bootlegs: Live in Germany 1985, Live in New York 1980, Live in Sweden 1978, Live in Tampa Bay 1992, and The Laura Palmer Tape
25 Oct, 2001meChords for Sabor a Mi
24 Oct, 2001meChords for Just about 17
23 Oct, 2001meChords for Neon Sign
22 Oct, 2001meChords for I Like Gumby
22 Oct, 2001meChords for Amarcito Corazon
22 Oct, 2001David WillemsChords for Route 66 and a minor addition to Egyptian Reggae
21 Oct, 2001meChords for Let's Take a Trip
20 Oct, 2001David WillemsCorrections for the lyrics in I want to sleep in your arms
20 Oct, 2001David WillemsMany many thanks for chords to Egyptian Reggae, I want to sleep in your arms, Double Chocolate Malted, It's You, Foggy Notion
20 Oct, 2001meChords for Ancient long ago
16 Oct, 2001Vincent SperanzaChords and Lyrics to the Velvet Underground version of Sister Ray, which I added to Velvet Underground
14 Oct, 2001Jeremy LarsenChords for the Velvet Underground version of I'm waiting for the Man
13 Oct, 2001Grace JohnstoneMany thanks for the english translation of Que reste-t-il de nos amours?
29 Sep, 2001ArthurMany thanks for chords and lyrics to Such loneliness
24 Sep, 2001meWorked on the To Do list
17 Sep, 2001meadded info for the Buzz Buzz Buzz compilation and touched up things here and there
15 Sep, 2001meCorrections on Astral Plane, Dignified and Old, I'm Straight, Old World, Roadrunner, Someone I Care About, and This Love of Mine
15 Sep, 2001meFinished work on identifying all of the different versions of all of the songs
09 Sep, 2001Jonathan WattersonCorrections to the chords in Important in Your Life, corrrections to the lyrics in Fender Stratocaster, and corrections to the lyrics in Twilight in Boston
09 Sep, 2001Bob R.Corrections to the chords in When She Kisses Me and an alternate set of chords for to hide a little thought
09 Sep, 2001mefinished the new format (didn't take as long as I thought). I hope you all like the new format ...
08 Sep, 2001mestarted the process of implementing a new format - I will be including lyrics for all the songs as well as the chords. This will take a while though ...
02 Sep, 2001melyrics for It's You , Let's take a Trip, and Neon Sign
01 Sep, 2001melyrics for Just About Seventeen , The Desert, Double Chocolate Malted, and Ancient Long Ago
01 Sep, 2001melyrics for Underneath , I Like Gumby , I want to sleep in your arms , Pretty Little Girl , You Are , Route 66 , Better , Don't Change For Me , and My Name is Jonathan
01 Sep, 2001meUpdated my discography and song list info using Simes' Site
31 Aug, 2001Francois and JohnMany thanks for access to Its Time For Jonathan Richman (new songs to be added soon)
31 Aug, 2001FrancoisMany thanks for access to Original Modern Lovers (new songs to be added soon)
31 Aug, 2001FrancoisMany thanks for access to Jonathan Sings (unreleased demo version) (new songs to be added soon)
31 Aug, 2001FrancoisMany thanks for access to Jonathan goes funky (new songs to be added soon)
31 Aug, 2001FrancoisMany thanks for access to For All the Modern Lovers (new songs to be added soon)
31 Aug, 2001meWell it has been a while but I am now back at it - there will be lots to come but I have now removed references to non JoJo compilations unless they contain new material by JoJo and I have removed the email links of contributors (there was never much point in having them in anyway)
01 Jan, 2001Are Sende OsenAlternate lyrics to Amorcito Corazon
11 Nov, 2000CearbhallCorrection to the lyrics of Emaline
11 Nov, 2000meRemoved the buy section (you guys can figure that out on your own)
05 May, 2000Kevin MooreCorrections to the lyrics in You Must Ask the heart, Vampire Girl, Party in the Woods Tonight, and When I say Wife.
05 May, 2000Phil FowlerCorrection to When She Kisses Me
05 May, 2000Craig WoodCorrected versions to Back in Your Life and The Beach
26 Mar, 2000Angelika GuentherLyrics to Amorcito Corazon
26 Mar, 2000meUpdated the cd index
20 Mar, 2000meUpdated the cd index and added a couple of cd vendors
20 Mar, 2000BobAlternate interpretations of I Can't find my best friend and If she don't love me
09 Mar, 2000Angelika GuentherEnglish translations of Compadrito Corazon and Sabor a Mi
04 Mar, 2000meAdded a couple of compilations to the cd section and I added a 'where to buy' section, and I fixed a couple of other things
27 Feb, 2000meMade a slight change to the front page, updated the to-do list, added all known JoJo songs to the song list and corrected a couple of references.
27 Feb, 2000Kevin MooreKevin, who is becoming a regular contributor, has corrected the words to You're Crazy for Taking the Bus
13 Feb, 2000meFinally got a copy of Te Vas Emocionar, and I have added the lyrics to Harpo En Su Harpa (When Harpo Played His Harp), No Te Oye (You Can't Talk to the Dude), No Mas Por Fun (Just for Fun), Los Vecinos (The Neighbors), Shirin Y Farad (Shirin and Fahrad), Reno (in Spanish), Cerca - different version - (Closer), Ahora Es Mejor (Now is Better than Before), Una Fuerza Alla (A Higher Power), and Sabor A Mi. The cd booklet had English translations of all of the above (also for El U.F.O. Man, and Papel De Chicle) which I also added. The chords for all of the above will come shortly. I have also started to work again on The Heart of the Saturday Night (changing the Tom Waits original to the JoJo version)
13 Feb, 2000Kevin Moorecorrection in the words to Our Swingin Pad
16 Jan, 2000Kevin Moorecorrections to the words in Since She Started to Ride
30 Oct, 1999Steve Kadocorrections to the chords in Give Paris One More Chance
16 Oct, 1999Mike Campbellcorrected the lyrics on The Night is Still Young
07 Oct, 1999Ross Stenmarkcorrected the lyrics in California Desert Party
30 May, 1999meboth versions of Walter Johnson
29 May, 1999meAdded both versions of Ice Cream Man, and added the other version of Summer Feeling
28 May, 1999meMore work on I Was Dancing In a Lesbian Bar (now includes both version)
27 May, 1999meFixed up I Must Be King (now includes both versions)
26 May, 1999meFixed up Circle I (now includes both versions)
25 May, 1999meFinished adding the cd titles to all of the songs
22 May, 1999meAdded scans for all the cd covers I have, started to add the cd titles to the songs, and added Afternoon, Angels Watching Over Me, Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns, and The Wheels on the Bus
21 May, 1999meI thought I had done all the songs I could do, I even added a 'To Do' List, and then I found Mega 20 Track Album at a used cd store.
20 May, 1999meI'm Just Beginning to Live
17 May, 1999meDown in Bermuda, and I added more track times to the cd pages.
14 May, 1999meI know these aren't songs, but I thought I would throw them in anyway: I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet, and 1963
13 May, 1999meMy Jeans
12 May, 1999meVincent Van Gogh
11 May, 1999meNow is Better Than Before
11 May, 1999meUp in the Sky Sometimes
10 May, 1999meThe Fenway
09 May, 1999meFixed up The Baltimores
08 May, 1999meThe UFO Man and more work on Chewing Gum Wrapper
06 May, 1999meChewing Gum Wrapper, The Baltimores
05 May, 1999meI forgot to mention that I added some resources for guitar players
05 May, 1999me96 Tears, A Plea For Tenderness, Ride Down On the Highway, Wake Up Sleepyheads, Walk Up the Street
04 May, 1999meDance With Me, Foggy Notion, Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
27 Apr, 1999Jill Anne FortunaFixed the chords in A Higher Power
12 Apr, 1999TurquoiseHelp with the lyrics on She Doesn't Laugh at my Jokes, They're not tryin on the dance floor, twilight in Boston
02 Mar, 1999meAfrican Lady, Compadrito Corazon, I Can Hear Her Fighting with Herself, Gail Loves Me, I Hear You Calling Me, The Theme from Moulin Rouge, The Night is Still Young
02 Mar, 1999Fr?d?ric DAVIDTranslating the French line in Give Paris One More Chance, an English version (but not the translation) of Que Reste-T-ll de Nos Amours?
28 Feb, 1999Fr?d?ric DAVIDHelp with some of the lyrics on Give Paris One More Chance
27 Feb, 1999meGirl Friend, Modern World, The Neighbors, Give Paris One More Chance, Twilight in Boston
26 Feb, 1999meNishi, Walter Johnson
25 Feb, 1999meFloatin', My Little Girl's Got a Full Time Daddy Now
24 Feb, 1999meSatisfy
23 Feb, 1999meFrench Style, Surrender, That Little Sleeper Car
22 Feb, 1999meNot Just a "Plus One" on the Guestlist Anymore, Just Look At Me
20 Feb, 1999John FarrugiaHelp with some of the lyrics in Our Swingin' Pad
20 Feb, 1999meMonologue About Bermuda
19 Feb, 1999meCappuccino Bar, My Career as a Homewrecker, She Doesn't Laugh at My Jokes, They're Not Tryin' On The Dance Floor, When I Say Wife, Our Swingin' Pad, Just For Fun
17 Feb, 1999meMiracles Will Start to Happen, Cerca, A Mistake Today For Me, Que Reste-T-ll de Nos Amours?
15 Feb, 1999meAction Packed, Fender Stratocaster
14 Feb, 1999meParties in the usa, Tandem Jump, You Can't Talk to the Dude, Velvet Underground, I was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar, Rooming House on Venice Beach, A Higher Power
11 Feb, 1999meThose Conga Drums, This Kind of Music, Stop This Car, The Tag Game
09 Feb, 1999meHello Cupid, If She Don't Love Me, Lonely Little Thrift Store
08 Feb, 1999meI Can't find My Best Friend, I am So Confused, Love Me Like I Love
06 Feb, 1999meTrue love is Not Nice, Nineteen In Naples, When I Dance.
22 Jan, 1999Ted MesserlyPointed out a error in the link to Morning of Our Lives. (I finally got on the ball and changed the way I show the links so there shouldn't be any more problems).
11 Jan, 1999Turquoise Taylor GrantCorrecting the lyrics in The Girl Stands Up to Me Now
07 Jan, 1999Alexis PetridisCorrecting the lyrics in When Harpo Played His Harp, and finding chords that I missed in Since She Started to Ride.
14 Dec, 1998Jerry ChenThere's Something About Mary
12 Dec, 1998meI Love Hot Nights, When Harpo Played His Harp, Dancing Late At Night, and New Kind of Nieghborhood.
08 Dec, 1998meCircle I, California Desert Party, Everything has Got to be Right, I Have Come Out to Play
05 Dec, 1998meYou Must Ask the Heart, and Let Her Go Into the Darkness
05 Dec, 1998me, Jackie, and LisaCoomyah
04 Dec, 1998meNothing Can Change This Love, Affection, City vs. Country
03 Dec, 1998meReno, You're the One For Me, I Must be King, Rodeo Wind, Corner Store, and Man Walks Among Us.
02 Dec, 1998meParty in the Woods Tonight
01 Dec, 1998meMorning of our Lives, and Back in the usa
01 Dec, 1998meAbdul and Cleopatra, and Lydia
30 Nov, 1998meAdded a more extensive (but not yet complete) discography.
30 Nov, 1998meNew Teller, and It Will Stand
28 Nov, 1998meJust got the new Roadrunner cd, added the Olga versions of Oh Carol, the Rose, The Heart of Saturday Night, Blue Moon, Sleepwalk, Satisfied Mind, Moulin Rouge, and Chapel of Love
28 Nov, 1998Darrenpointing out an error (fixed) in To Hide a Little Thought
28 Nov, 1998meRockin' Shopping Center, and Amazing Grace
21 Nov, 1998meLonely Financial Zone, and Dodge Veg-O-Matic.
18 Nov, 1998meNew England, Important in Your Life, the beginnings of a cd index and I reorganised the site a bit.
11 Nov, 1998mefinishing Closer and When She Kisses Me
11 Nov, 1998Jeffrey S. JensenTo Hide a Little Thought and Shirin and Fahrad
29 Oct, 1998Jeffrey S. JensenAt Night
26 Oct, 1998Per NordgrenHospital, She Cracked, Government Center, and Dignified and Old
24 Oct, 1998Adam KlineHi Dear
21 Oct, 1998Danielepointing out that Old World and Pablo Picasso were not linked properly (fixed)
19 Oct, 1998Alvin Wongpointing out an error in My Love is a Flower (fixed)
01 Oct, 1998Michael P McculloughAstral Plane, Dignified and Old, I'm Straight, Old World, Pablo Piccaso and Someone I Care About
01 Oct, 1998Peter BrineThe Beach and This Love of Mine
01 Oct, 1998parango@pomona.eduBack in Your Life
01 Oct, 1998meOk I don't remember exactly when this all started, but this will work for a starting date (looking back at this from many years later)