Welcome to the (Unofficial) Jonathan Richman Chords Site

I, like many of you, love Jonathan Richman's music and wish there was more of it online. Over the past few years I went to work and transcribed a bunch of his songs. I am now posting what I have done as well as other Jonathan Richman songs that other people have done. Please remember that I am NOT an expert. Many of these files will have errors in them. I welcome corrections and feedback. If anyone has more Jonathan Richman songs (or better versions of what I have done) please send them to me and I will see they get (eventually) posted.

But please don't ask for cds, I just ignore those messages. It is important that I don't even appear to be profiting from this site. And if you have found this site useful please order the Jonathan Richman Songbook from wherever you get books so we can encourage Jonathan to make more of these books and find out how these songs are really supposed to be played.

I should also add that in addition to the chords, this site is by far the most complete Jonathan Richman lyrics site on the net (and you will even find some tabs too).

Ramon Rempel

Please send submissions to ramonrempel@mac.com

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