Take Me To The Plaza
Let Her Go Into The Darkness 3:45
My Baby Loves Loves Loves Me 4:11
Springtime In New York 3:19
Pablo Piccasso 2:56
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar 4:34
I Love The World 3:31
Yo Tengo Una Novia 3:44
My Love For Her Ain't Sad 1:52
Couples Must Fight 3:14
Give Paris One More Chance 2:44
Not In My Name 0:48
Take Me To The Plaza 5:30
Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow 3:31
El Joven Se Estremece 5:18
Girlfriend 3:12
The World Is Showing Me Its Hand 3:15
The Night Is Still Young 5:46
You Can't Talk To The Dude 5:26
Nineteen In Naples 3:53
Plaza Interview 1 14:37
Plaza Interview 2 8:40