The Milky Way
Egyptian Reggae 3:21
Fender Stratocaster 4:40
My Little Girl's Got A Full Time Daddy Now 2:21
That Little Sleeper Car 3:20
Don't Fight The Feeling 2:30
South American Folk Song 4:42
Vincent Van Gogh 7:28
Sex Machine 2:28
Let Her Go Into The Darkness 5:17
They're Not Trying On The Dance Floor 2:03
Nuestro Tema 2:36
Sabor A Mi 1:18
The Girl Stands Up To Me Now 2:24
Rock 'n' Roll Drummer 3:25
Give Paris One More Chance 5:38
Just Look At Me 2:47
Satisfy 2:08
Le Freak 3:05
French Style 3:45
Pablo Picasso 5:18
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar 5:12