Cafe de la Danse 2003
C'etait Toujours Toi 2:19
Pablo Picasso 1:51
Her Mystery Not Of High Heels and Eye Shadow 2:52
Maybe a Walk Home From Natick High School 1:05
Les Etoiles 2:51
Egyptian Reggae 1:50
My Baby Love Love Loves Me 3:45
I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar 5:32
Someone I Care About 2:33
Here Come the Martian Martians 1:44
Couples Must Fight 3:53
Springtime In New York 4:37
My Love For Her Ain't Sad 2:10
The World Is Showing It's Hand 2:49
Yo Tengo una Novia 2:46
Let Her Go Into the Darkness 6:15
True Love Is Not Nice 1:44
Nineteen in Naples 4:27
South American Folk Song 1:37
El Joven se Estemece 5:39
Here It Is 2:09
Girlfren' 3:10
In Che Mondo Vivamo 2:00
On a du Soleil 2:00
Take Me to the Plaza 2:52
Who Can Say When a Wall Is Ready to Come Down 2:13
J'aime Paris au mois de mai 6:27
Con el Merengue 2:18
Vampire Girl 2:09
Not In My Name 3:26
Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love 3:37
He Gave Us the Wine to Taste 2:22
Coin De Rue 3:16
Paris je t'aime 1:13