The Knitting Factory 1997 (1)
Malingering 1:58
To Hide A Little Thought 3:27
Rock 'n' Roll Drummer 4:20
The Girl Stands Up To Me Now 2:20
Lonely Little Thrift Store 5:51
Time Stopped When We Held Hands 1:43
Not Just A "Plus One" On The Guest List Anymore 2:51
Vincent Van Gogh 3:31
This Love Of Mine 1:54
Let Her Go Into The Darkness 7:31
Fender Stratocaster 6:05
Give Paris One More Chance 4:35
Egyptian Reggae 3:31
Blue Moon
Everyday Clothes 3:02
Her Way Moves Me 2:16
True Love is Not Nice 4:03
Nuestro Que Macar 2:28
Surrender 3:18
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar 6:05