Songs Of Rememberance
Waiting For The Man 0:37
Hospital (first one) 3:47
Astral Plane (first one) 4:05
Ride On Down The Highway 3:25
Someone I Care About (first one) 2:56
Hospital (second one) 5:40
Roadrunner (first one) 4:51
Such Loneliness 2:08
Modern World 3:15
Songs Of Remembrance For Old Girlfriends 4:49
Plea For Tenderness 7:30
Fly Into The Mystery 4:24
I'm Dropping My Friends (One By One) 3:48
Someone I Care About (second one) 3:51
Dignified And Old 5:11
She Cracked 3:12
Astral Plane (second one) 3:04
Roadrunner (second one) 7:54