Irving Plaza
Parties In The USA 5:00
I'm So Confused 3:29
Let Her Go Into the Darkness 6:07
Love Me Like I Love 4:03
Roadrunner 4:35
Pablo Picasso 4:35
I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar 3:45
Nineteen in Naples 3:03
Give Paris One More Chance 5:44
Egyptian Reggae
Affection 3:00
True Love Is Not Nice 3:18
She Lives in a Rock and Roll House 4:19
New York at 4am is More My Style 1:03
The Girl Stands Up to Me Now 2:09
She's a Once in a Lifetime Girl 2:57
I'm a Little Airplane 1:22
They're Not Trying on the Dance Floor 2:15
You Can't Talk To the Dude 9:04
There's Something About Mary 3:05
Vampire Girl 6:11
Arriverderci Roma 1:50