Chapel Hill 2011
Affection 1:29
If You Want To Leave Our Party Just Go 4:21
My Love She Is From Somewhere Else 4:38
Egyptian Reggae 3:44
No One Was Like Vermeer 5:59
Let Her Go Into The Darkness 4:16
I Was The One She Came For 3:57
Dancing In the Moonlight 3:31
¿A Que Venimos Sino A Caer? 4:45
My Baby Love Love Loves Me 4:36
When We Refuse To Suffer 10:48
Bohemia 5:51
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar 6:22
Sa Voix M'Atisse 2:44
It Was Time For Me To Be With Her 3:57
Take Me To The Plaza 6:13
O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth 3:12
These Bodies That Came To Cavort 6:57
Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild 6:14