Night and Day Cafe
The World Is Showing It's Hand 3:35
Pablo Picasso 2:47
Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love 2:45
In Che Mondo Vivamo 2:15
Harbour Lights 2:15
Egyptian Reggae 4:17
El Joven se Estemece 3:11
Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow 3:18
Vincent Van Gogh 3:49
You Are the Light of the World 2:13
Girlfren' 3:11
My Baby Love Love Loves Me 4:54
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar 4:38
Older Girl 7:11
Couples Must Fight 4:09
Les Etoiles 3:14
Let Her Go Into The Darkness 3:02
For Drama We Have the Seasons 2:15
My Love For Her Ain't Sad 2:14
Here It Is 1:46
Salvador Dali 3:31
Give Paris One More Chance 7:16