Party In The Woods Tonight 4:29
It's Afternoon and the Range Is Calling 2:12
Instrumental (Apeldoorn) 2:53
My Little Kookenhaken 2:30
Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns 2:12
Too Fat 2:58
Crazy Eddie 1:28
Summer Morning 3:46
Oh Boy 2:24
I'm Nature's Mosquito 2:56
New England 2:16
Up In Cold Maine Under the Stars 2:04
(She's Gonna) Respect Me 3:02
Back In Your Life 3:06
Egyptian Reggae 2:39
My Love Is A Flower Just Beginning To Bloom 1:43
I Don't Want No Nuclear Power Plants in My Life 3:02
Instrumental 2 (Apeldoorn)
The New Teller 3:21
The Morning of Our Lives 4:30
Springtime 2:52
My Love Is A Flower (second one)