Live In Victoria
She Doesn't Laugh At My Jokes 2:15
When I Say Wife 1:40
Just For Fun 2:00
Action Packed 2:12
Everyday Clothes 2:46
Monologue About Bermuda 8:54
The UFO Man 4:24
The Neighbors 3:05
When She Kisses Me 2:46
The Girl Stands Up To Me Now 3:31
I Love Hot Nights
I'm Nature's Mosquito 2:27
Back In Your Life 3:37
My Career As A Homewrecker 4:59
La Bamba
Twisting the Night Away 1:22
Vincent Van Gogh 1:35
A Mistake Today For Me 2:25
This Kind Of Music 3:54
Dancin' Late At Night 2:36
Hang On Sloopy 0:27
Good Loving 0:41
It Will Stand 0:59
Yo Jo Jo 1:06
When I Dance 0:45
It's You 3:31
The Sweeping Wind 2:21
Blue Moon
Blue Moon (second one)
The Fenway 1:58
When I Dance (second one) 1:48
Fender Stratocaster 3:37
Egyptian Reggae
They're Not Trying On The Dance Floor 3:39
Give Paris One More Chance 6:30