At Night 2:59
Everyday Clothes 3:19
Egyptian Reggae 1:50
Fender Stratocaster 4:11
Blue Moon 4:34
You're Crazy For Taking The Bus
Let Her Go Into The Darkness 2:48
The Girl Stands Up To Me Now 2:42
Circle I 2:13
South American Folk Song 2:39
When She Kisses Me 3:19
The Heart Of Saturday Night 2:40
Amorcito Corazon 2:43
Rock and Roll Music 3:55
Let's Twist Again
Peppermint Twist
Vincent Van Gogh 3:14
Yo Jo Jo 3:49
Rodeo Wind
Sleepwalk 1:50
Up In The Sky Sometime 6:11
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
Since She Started To Ride 2:36
That's How I Feel 1:41
The Neighbors 3:11
Double Chocolate Malted 6:25
The UFO Man
When Harpo Played His Harp 3:10
Ice Cream Man 1:43
This Kind Of Music 4:14
A Higher Power 4:01
Now Is Better Than Before 3:16
Give Paris One More Chance 4:21
You Can't Talk To The Dude 3:46
Fender Stratocaster 4:28