Flying Monkey Arts
Give Paris One More Chance 3:46
In Che Mondo Vivamo 1:55
Springtime In New York 5:05
My Baby Love Love Loves Me 5:50
Haseemla Classica 1:44
Mystery of the Summer Night 2:59
He Gave Us the Wine to Taste 3:28
Egyptian Reggae 1:15
El Joven se Estemece 3:10
Behold the Lilies of the Field 2:19
The World Is Showing Its Hand 2:20
Cosi Veloce 3:40
Let Her Go Into the Darkness 6:07
Her Mystery Not Of High Heels and Eye Shadow 4:04
Pablo Picasso 5:06
Yo Tengo una Novia 2:38
I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar 6:09
Our Drab Ways 1:39
Abu Jamal 2:33
You Can't Talk To the Dude 8:57
Surrender 4:12